The Journal of Worship Resources

The Journal of Worship Resources will cease publication later this year. The Pentecost II issue (Vol. 22 No. 4) will be the final issue.

Subscribers to the print version of The Journal of Worship Resources will continue to receive their printed copies through their expiration date (up to 11/28/15) only.

Although we are not accepting orders for print copies, all subscribers as of January 1, 2015, regardless of their expiration date, will continue to receive access to the online version through Sunday, November 22, 2015.
If you have been a JWR subscriber and do not currently receive email notification of JWR e-Journal postings and logins, please send your email address, along with your name and address to to be added to the distribution list. Refunds will be mailed at that time to anyone whose subscription extends past 11/22/15.

The publisher and editor of The Journal of Worship Resources are grateful for all the writers and subscribers who, for over the more than two decades of its publication, have supported our publication. Thank you and God bless you!